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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

A word of encouragement.

One word.

How can the weight of one word feel so heavy at times? I've contemplated this question for, honestly, probably as long as I can remember. The answer I always end up coming back to is

— The weight of a word is directly proportional to the amount of faith we have in it. See, this makes perfect sense to me because Faith can feel equally as heavy as Believe. Now, why do two words, that seem undoubtedly positive, feel so intimidating at times?

I think it's because when they're said to us most, we're feeling at our worst. We've all been told to "believe in ourselves" or "have faith," and we weren't being told these things on our best days when we were radiating confidence and floating on pink clouds, we were being encouraged or consoled on our worst.

This got me thinking

— If we can turn words that are, by definition, positive and affirming into something that riddles us with anxiety and instills a sense of fear, imagine the harm we're doing when we intentionally use hurtful words as a form of cruelty to others

— or even ourselves.

How much damage are we really causing?

Just some food for thought — Until next time.


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