Building Relationships, Create Change!

All topics All that are discussed are crucial to success in school, future careers, and life in general. The sessions include activities and conversations lead by highly trained staff and mentors.

 The programs put emphasis on creating an environment that each participant can talk to each other not “at each other” and provide specifics on being open to changing current mindsets.



 Sons Having A Real Place

Program Goals-

  • Improve social, emotional, and life skills measured through surveys.
  • Through FIND-Outreach Program, identify and accomplish 1-3 community-service goal (i.e. volunteer to feed the homeless, purse drive, etc.).
  • Select one to four personal goals and achieve 75% of those during the program.
  • Decrease or eliminate interaction with the court system. 


Similiar to FLY Girl, S.H.A.R.P 's goal of the program is to pinpoint young men who are having, or have had, a rough transition to adulthood and offer a positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can disrupt their lives. The emphasis is slightly different at each level but the overall goal is the same; invest and empower young men to make productive and effective changes in her life and lead them on a road to success