F.I.N.D - Gifts of Love

Every child should be able to experience the wonderful feeling of opening gifts at Christmas. Unfortunately, that is not the case as the reality for some families is that they are barely putting food on the table. FIND Gifts of Love annual holiday event provides families, that are struggling due to financial hardships, a chance to enjoy a fun-filled Christmas Program and gifts for their little ones. The program consists of music, food, games, dancing, speakers, Santa ...and of course... GIFTS!!! We even provide transportation for many of the families. The program is set up similar to others where we have several sponsored toy drives and we "adopt a families". It is truly a sight to see! Click here for more information regarding this awesome program. 

F.L.Y. Girl  & Guys

Research shows that lack of presence in school puts students at high risk of failing in school, experiencing psychosocial difficulties, entering the juvenile justice system, drug and alcohol abuse and lack of social skills. The F.L.Y Girl weekly school based and after school program will directly address the growing number of girls that show patterns of behavioral challenges or absences that decrease in school presence. The goal of the program is to offer a positive support system through social-emotional development, life skills and community outreach that will increase in school presence and ultimately enhance the overall quality of life.  To learn more about the F.L.Y. Programs click here.

F.I.N.D - Outreach Initiatives

TFD strongly believes in "paying if forward" and teaching our young male and females the importance of providing a service to others as they are being serviced. Quarterly, we donate our time and resources to other community organizations or we ourselves go out directly to the population in need and provide services. Examples would be Ladle of Love (LOL) where we serve over 100 homeless and underprivileged individuals. This gives us the opportunity to teach professionalism, organization, and people skills. Click here to find out about TFD's FIND outreach initiatives.

J.A.M. Sessions

Juvenile Aligned & Motivated 

The participants attend 7-weeks of group sessions which promote both verbal and non-verbal methods that deal with anger, anxiety, grief, and disappointment. As each mentee partakes in group activities and discussions, they will have the opportunity to not only learn from the trained group staff and mentors but also other participants and reflect on their individual thoughts and actions. Eventually, the participants will recognize how their actions are not only having a negative effect on their lives and potentially their future, but also the lives of the individuals closest to them.  Click here to learn more about this awesome life-changing program.

Building Relationships, Create Change!