The F.I.N.D Design

A small town girl from Franklin, Kentucky, Camille grew up wanting to help people at an early age and she was always the one people sought advice from in middle and high school. This is part of what inspired her to pursue a degree in Social Work upon graduating from high school. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work at The University of Kentucky. As she completed her degree she started working with youth in the Nashville community. Camille is also a Case Manager for The Salvation Army's Pathway of Hope Initiative. Through her work in different roles in the community, she realized the need for mentorship and positive role models so she sought out The F.I.N.D Design to help young women and men know their worth and overcome life's challenges. 

Earnestine Earl Gardner graduated from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan with a BA in Sociology. Once relocating to Nashville, TN she actively sought employment with the State of Tennessee, Department of Children Services and was assigned to work in the Child Protective Services Division.  Her love of helping families became obvious as she worked to identify children who had been in neglectful or abusive conditions and acted accordingly by developing a plan to ensure that the child remained in a safe atmosphere. Earnestine background includes Project Coordinator for nonprofit organizations such as Home Builders Institute (HBI) and Project Return which specializes in mentoring, counseling, assistance with housing, drug and alcohol referrals, GED preparation, hands-on instruction, life skills training, job preparation, and readiness, for the ex-offender population leading to suitable employment. Earnestine also worked as a counselor with S.T.A.R.S (Students Taking a Right Stand) to provide intervention services to middle school students with drug and alcohol issues.  Earnestine is also a part of the Advisory Board.

Our Staff

Earnestine Gardner

Program Advisor

Raised by a single mother on Detroit’s west side, Sharese learned that “life” will not always show you mercy. Being a child in a domestic violence situation and losing family members to tragedies, Sharese learned early that you can’t let “life” define or destroy you. Sharese’s mom instilled in her that if you keep God first in all that you do, “life” will never win.  Despite the challenges that life brought her way, Sharese excelled in school, graduated with honors and went on to attend Tennessee State University where she continues her education. Sharese realized once she made it through those early years of “life” that there was an obligation to give back to young girls and help them make it as well. Sharese co-founded “The F.I.N.D (Families In Need of Direction) Design” in 2013 to help those girls and young women to overcome their circumstances and redefine their lives. Sharese's life model is "Never let your pain stop your Purpose!" As Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of The F.I.N.D Design®, Sharese is also accountable for development and fundraising, board relations, collaborative efforts and marketing, and overall vital direction and leadership

​Sharese Chapman

Co-Founder/Director of Programs

Kara Johnson

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Entering the working world at age 18 and college at 19, Janisha learned how to be resilient and focused by watching the hard working, "no excuse", women in her life. Janisha graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Planning with a minor in Business Administration from Tennessee State University. Continuing to rise in the business world, she often reflected on her accomplishments and how she would help others overcome the barriers that she had endured being raised in a single family home. She joined The F.I.N.D. Design in November 2014 to help young women and show them that regardless of past hardships, you can still become strong, positive, and productive women in society.

Janisha Cain

Outreach Coordinator

Camille Haygood  

Volunteer Coordinator

Being raised in a single parent home with one parent imprisoned, Kara understands the challenges children, specifically girls, face with an incarcerated parent. In and out of trouble during her teen years, Kara made the conscious decision to turn around her life and conquer the obstacles that life had thrown her.  Kara started working as a Pre-K teacher for 2 years and decided to join corporate America where she would move her way up the corporate ladder for the next 15 years. Part-time she worked as an Employment Specialist where she assisted individual's find employment after becoming disabled due to a workplace injury. Even though she embraced the lessons learned and the overall experience working in the corporate world, she always knew her passion and destiny was to go back to working with the younger population specifically young ladies that found themselves in the same type of situations that she once did. Kara co-founded, "The F.I.N.D (Families in Need of Direction) Design" in 2013 to help teenage girls and women "find" their way in society and become productive citizens despite all odds being against them. TFD became incorporated in November 2014. As Co-Founder and Executive Director of The F.I.N.D Design®, Kara is accountable for development and fundraising, board relations, communication and marketing, and overall vital direction and leadership.  

(Families in Need of Direction)