The emphasis is slightly different at each level but the overall goal is the same; invest and empower our youth to make productive and effective changes which will ultimately put them on the path to success.


   TFD focuses on different goals depending on the program. These goals include:

  • Maintain or increase school performance in behavior, attendance and academics verified by data from the mentee’s school.
  • Promote social and emotional, cognitive-behavioral development and life skills.
  • Decrease or eliminate interaction with the court system.
  • Introduce the concept of community outreach and complete quarterly "pay it forward" initiative. 
  • Educate parents on positive parenting and the importance of parent involvement.

Building Relationships, Create Change!

Company Background

The F.I.N.D Design, (TFD) is a 501c3 community-based organization serving the Middle Tennessee area by providing group mentoring, social emotional development and life training, community outreach and family engagement for youth ages 13-18.  The goal of the program is to pinpoint young ladies and men who could potentially have, or have had, a rough transition to adulthood and offer a positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can disrupt their lives.            

 Our Mission:

Strengthening youth achievement and the opportunity for success through mentoring, case management, outreach and parent engagement.

Our Vision:

Rebuilding the minds, spirits, and hearts of the family unit one person at a time.

Our Motto:

Building Relationships, Create Change!

TFD's overall goal is that each young person that comes through our organization receives their high school diploma or GED. Once accomplished, execute the long-term goals that were defined in the program. 

Our Promise-
TFD Promise is based on the
(B.A.R.S.) principle (Believe, Achieve, Receive, and Succeed).


- We believe that we can create our own destiny of growth and prosperity by remaining focused, driven, and motivated. 


- We will achieve a renewed perspective and a mindset of victory while dismissing the mentality of defeat.


 - We will receive guidance, education, training, and life skills that we will incorporate into our daily lives.


- We will succeed by being the best that we can be and to accomplish each goal that we set forth. We understand that our struggles do not define our future but help shape our character.