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When you first meet Khiara, her “look” and height can be slightly intimidating. Standing about 5”7 as a 7th grader, she is not easily missed. When Khiara first entered the program, she was very quiet and even came across a little angry. After weeks of discussion, it was understood that Khiara was carrying a lot of weight on her shoulders and many did not know as she was internalizing a lot of it. As she started to open more, you could literally see the smile on her face grow with each week. Such a loving and gentle young lady, Khiara comes into each session eager to learn and her willingness to be open and honest is truly admired. Because of how hard she loves, Khiara often takes on other people's "load" before thinking of herself. Through these sessions, Khiara is learning how to focus on herself more and being okay with still loving on individuals but not taking on their struggles. During a recent activity, Khiara learned just how awesome she was as the girls in the group shared how they admired her beauty and strength. Khiara, keep loving on yourself first and the rest will fall in its place. You are truly deserving of being F.L.Y.!!

"Kaila". Strong, smart, honest, mature, beautiful (inside and out), a natural leader.... are just a few words we can use to describe this month’s Co-Mentee of the month. This young lady is a true representation of self-confidence and having the willingness to grow and learn. Since day one, she has been open and honest about the things that she struggles with and makes it known that she wants better. It never fails that with any activity or discussion, Kaila whole-heartily gives it her all. With a heart made of gold, you can often see her consoling someone that may be struggling with their emotions.

Recently, after discussing self-control, she admitted to losing control and confronting another mentee in the hallway. Kaila took it upon herself to openly apologize, admit her wrongdoings and offer a hug to the young lady in which she confronted resulting in a rekindled friendship! It was in that moment that Kaila demonstrated what being a "F.L.Y. Girl" was all about. Kaila, you have a future with endless possibilities. Remember to always stay humble, confident, loving and F.L.Y!

May 2017 

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