(Families in Need of Direction)

The F.I.N.D Design

J.A.M. Sessions

 Juvenile Anger Management

Program Goals-

  • Improve cognitive and behavioral skills measured through surveys.
  • Decrease or eliminate interaction with the court system 


TFD Juvenile Anger Management program or “J.A.M. Session” is a cognitive/behavioral skills development program designed to provide youth, that is currently in the juvenile court system, with the skills that will assist them in changing the specific behaviors that lead to court interaction.  The focus will be on those that were arrested for: vandalism, assault/battery, domestic assault, fighting, disturbing the peace, harassment etc. Juveniles that attend these group sessions, will learn and become better prepared to make improved decisions, manage their anger, and progress in their social skills

 The participants will initially attend 9-weeks of group sessions which will promote both verbal and non-verbal methods that deal with anger, anxiety, grief and disappointment. As each participant partakes in group activities and discussions, they will have the opportunity to not only learn from the trained group staff and mentors but also other participants and reflect on their individual thoughts and actions. Eventually, the participants will recognize how their actions are not only having a negative effect on their lives and potentially their future, but also the lives of the individuals closest to them.

During this 9-week engagement, parents will be required to attend (2) 1-hour parenting sessions and the graduation which will be held on the last day of group sessions. Once graduated, each participant will be assigned two accountability partners (ap) that will be committed to 1:1 mentoring for at least 6-month. This ap’s are there to assist with holding their mentee accountable, reinforcing the tools that were learned during J.A.M Sessions, and being an overall support system that the mentee can depend on.