F.L.Y. (Forever Loving Yourself) Girl Program


Out of 75 middle and high school girls surveyed:

55% of girls said they are depressed or have recently experienced depression.

100% said their anger was getting them in trouble.

70% were unsure or didn't know how to calm themselves down.

96% said that they had trust issues and didn't feel like they had many people to trust.

I look forward to growing old with these people. I can't thank Mrs. Kara and Sharese enough for making me the person I am today...

- Dominique, Napier Sharp Mentee

F.I.N.D.  Outreach  


100% said that their perception of the police had changed from negative to positive.

100% said that since the program, believe that police officers and youth can have positive relationships.

86% Agreed That since participating in the summer experience and youth citizen’s police academy they now believe police played a positive role in society.! 

During the 4 week duration of the program, 70% of participants increased their family engagement by 5 or more hours.

251 served through community outreach projects


100% said they were happier as a result of the program.

93% said since the program, they will stand up for what is right.

86% had a better relationship with a family member or adult.

79% said that they now know how to deal with their anger better.

Behavioral Suspensions decreased by 50% or were eliminated altogether! 

This program has enhanced my ideas and output of what I go through on a daily basis whether it's good or bad... I love being around my friends and getting to bond and grow with each other. With the help of guidance, knowledge, and opinions on how to handle situations, my attitude has improved phenomenally!"

- Mevelyn, Napier F.L.Y. Girl

To hear more about how "Mev" feels about FIND and being a FLY Girl, check out her video above. 

545 People Served

During the 2017-2018 school-year.

"I didn't think people would change or open up...but as the sessions continued I've noticed a difference in everyone and these girls have become my sisters. I can talk to these girls and know I'm not the only one going through something."
- Tiara, Attended F.L.Y. Girl Napier

"The FIND Design taught me how to think better, stay out of trouble, and have better relationships with my friends and family.  

- Keymaya, Napier F.L.Y Girl

To see the whole testimonial in its entirety, please click on the video above.

The F.I.N.D. Design takes a grassroots approach which has been proven to create real-life impact. We are dedicated to continuing to provide programming that produces results! Check out some of our outcomes from this past year!

"This program is very important to me because it helps me a lot. I have seen changes in myself. My grades have improved, my personality has changed and my attitude has gotten better. I am happy I earned mentee of the month because of my improvement."
-Anthonishia, Napier FLY Girl 

Rebuilt to F.L.Y. Highlights

90% did not trust the police prior to the program and said they had a bad interaction with the police.
77% agreed or felt uncertain that if they saw a police officer on the street they would bother them.
72% did not feel that the police made their neighborhoods safe.


I thank you for this experience... I enjoyed the experience I had with you all... Thank you! 
- DeAndre, F.L.Y Mentee

Click the video above to experience DeAndre's sadness for the weekly program to end...We will always be connected!

"Thank God for sending F.I.N.D. Design when he did because not even I could have made the investment into these girls lives that Kara, Sharese, and the TFD staff have accomplished. In addition to providing some guidance in navigating through life, The F.I.N.D. Design has expanded the girl’s view of what it means to be a woman. When you grow up in Napier, it’s possible for your world view to be limited to the 8 blocks of chaos that surround you and to never experience anything but that. Everyone should be exposed to different life experiences, philosophies, and worldviews, something most of these girls weren’t privy to until Kara and Sharese came along. The girls of Napier have been brought to their knees by different trials, been carried away in different joys, and have learned unique bits of wisdom through the program. The change in their value system is priceless, the confidence in their voices is stronger, and their drive to become a better woman has humbled me." 
-J. Odessa Kelly, Program Director-J.C. Napier Community Center.

Building Relationships, Create Change!