Gifts of Love


The holidays are a time of family, good food, and celebration. While most of us look forward to this season with great anticipation and excitement, for those living in marginalized circumstances this is usually not the case. Many are struggling to provide even the most basic needs for themselves and their little ones. Sadly, this can lead to depression, defeat and an intense sense of hopelessness.

With this understanding in mind, we invite you to join our annual "Gifts of Love Gift Drive and Campaign" so that together we can extend good cheer, short-term/long-term options, and much-needed relief to families experiencing challenging times during the holiday season.  YOU CAN HELP US to reach our goal to serve more families in need of assistance during this Christmas holidays. Each year, in partnership with MNPS, local churches, businesses, individuals, sponsors and other community-based organizations we offer an "Adopt-A-Family" gift drive program for families in need. We are truly better together! 

​​​Are you a family in need of assistance during the holiday season?  

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Interested in being a much-needed volunteer, sponsor or donor? 

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