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F.L.Y. Girl /Guy Programs

Why F.L.Y.?

​​The F.L.Y., or Forever Loving Yourself, Girl/Guy program was established through collaborative partnerships with similar missions. This program works to provide life skills, character development & social-emotional learning through group mentoring, community outreach, and parental engagement. The goal of this program is to identify young ladies and men who are potentially going through a rough transition to adulthood, and to offer a positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can disrupt their lives. Our mission is to invest in and empower our youth to make productive and effective changes in their lives that will put them on a road to success.

Healthy and Safe

Social & Emotional Learning

Active Living 


​Personal Safety


There will be a series of sessions covering a variety of topics that all build into one or more of these focus areas. They will include teaching, discussion, activities, and mentoring, all led by highly trained staff and mentors who aim to create an environment where participants can share their experiences, learn from one another, and encourage each other. Each participant in the program will commit to 8 hours of community service to learn the value of giving back to their community.

The sessions will take place weekly until the end of the school year when there will be a chance to reflect and work out the next steps to reaching the goals they will have defined as part of the program. We will take time to celebrate their achievements with a graduation event at the end of the year. There may also be opportunities for field trips and off-site community service depending on the program.

It is imperative that the parent or guardian is supportive in this process. It truly takes a village and to ensure that your young person is on the road to success we need to make sure that you are an active participant in this process. Our program is only as strong as our support system. There will be a host of opportunities for you to join us. From parent workshops, to community service project, to individualize resources that will help support you in supporting your child.


Forever Loving Yourself


Promoting Healthy and Positive Relationships

Self-Love and Identity

Community Outreach and Connection

Parent/Family Engagement 


Did you know???


Attendance and Behavioral Achievement

Workforce Readiness

Learning and Innovation Skills

Vocation Awareness


Research shows that the lack of presence in school puts students at a high risk of failing in school, experiencing psychosocial difficulties, entering the juvenile justice system, drug and alcohol abuse and lack of social skills. The F.L.Y Girl/Guy weekly school based and after school program will directly address the growing number of youth that show patterns of behavioral challenges or absences that decrease in school presence. The goal of the program is to offer a positive support system through social-emotional development, life skills and community outreach that will increase in school presence and ultimately enhance the overall quality of life. 

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