Forever Loving Yourself

 (F.L.Y.) Girl Chat 

The F.L.Y. Girl Chat program provides a safe atmosphere to discuss current challenges and ways to overcome them. This program allows young ladies to be honest and transparent about their emotions and offer ways to coop with them. The goal of this program is to deal with those issues straightforwardly and to show how choices, even now, can have lifelong consequences. Part of this program performs community service through our outreach program (Ladle of Love).F.L.Y. Girl Chat is offered weekly and bi-weekly as a during school program or "club", after school program and others times when special events are planned. The program provides life-skills and social-emotional development by addressing topics such as: 

  • Respect for Self and Others                                     
  • Being Open to Trusting Again (after being disappointed)
  • Relationships (friendships, family, and boys)
  • Dealing with Emotions
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Anger
  • Peer Pressure
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Piping Down not Popping Off (Anger Management and Conflict Resolution)
  • Downplaying the Drama 

(Families in Need of Direction)

The F.I.N.D Design

Program Goals-

  • Maintain or increase school performance verified by data from the mentee’s school.
  • Improve social, emotional, and life skills measured through surveys.
  • Through FIND-Outreach Program, identify and accomplish 1-3 community-service goal (i.e. volunteer to feed the homeless, purse drive, etc.).
  • Select one to four personal goals and achieve 75% of those during the program.
  • Decrease or eliminate interaction with the court system. 


All topics that are discussed are crucial to success in school, future careers, and life in general. The sessions include activities and conversations lead by highly trained staff and mentors.  The programs put emphasis on creating an environment that each participant can talk to each other not “at each other” and provide specifics on being open to changing current mindsets.