$35 (Standard Donation)

Covers the costs for one month of programming for a youth. Includes: (4) snacks, program materials and/or enrichment field trip.

$50 F.LY. Gear/Clothing

Help a young person feel F.L.Y Includes: Standard donation items + an F.L.Y t-shirt. This will be worn on outings!

$100 F.L.Y. Girl to Go!

Covers the cost of all items included in the standard donation and F.L.Y/Sharp Gear. Additionally,  specialized items such as cooking utensil and desperately need items that they need at home (i.e.  soap, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste, etc.) 

We have several ways to support, which one works for you?...

Support The F.I.N.D. Design ™ 

Tax ID- 47-2471327

The F.I.N.D. Design is an independent 501(c)(3) community-based organization that is governed by our Board of Directors.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a living by what we give!"

-Winston Churchill

We invite you to:

Give a generous unrestricted tax-deductible monetary gift to support our ability to continuously provide quality programs and services to make an immediate difference in the lives of youth and their families! 100% of all proceeds will go directly to support TFD's mission and programs.

$250 Let's go!

Sponsor the cost of a bus for our youth to attend a community service outing and enrichment/educational field trip. Crucial to programming as oftentimes our youth do not see the outside of their 4 blocks.

$500 Start to Finish

Sponsor the cost of a youth to go through the entire 12 -months of programming. This covers all trips, programming materials, community outreach projects, journals, t-shirts and end of the year graduation.

$1000 It's a Family Affair

Sponsor 2 youth to complete 12 months of programming (see start to finish), plus covers the cost of hosting 2 parent engagement outings which is key to program's success!

Building Relationships, Create Change!