Often this young lady’s demeanor could easily come across “attitude-ish” at times, but once you get to know Ms. Chanel, you would know like we do, that she is full of class and intelligence. It has been awesome to witness the growth of this young lady. A straight “A” student and Salutatorian of her class, Chanel is definitely laying the foundation early to be something great. As a result of being a young lady of few words, many overlook the struggles that she has faced going through certain changes in her life, but we have seen this young lady overcome those changes in more ways than one. Truly beautiful inside and out, we continue to watch this young lady blossom as she has started to let her guards down and has embraced the things she has learned during her time in the program. It is extremely rare for this lady to missed a session since we started and we look forward to seeing her week after week. Congratulations on a job well-done Chanel and know that your contribution and your consistency has not gone unnoticed!

September Mentee of The Month


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