October 2016 Mentee of The Month


She starts out "swinging" but when you get to know her, really know the real young woman inside, you'll understand the mask. We've watched this young lady take in session after session and using the tools given to her to deal with daily struggles. In the beginning, she was a young lady with few smiles now we continue to see that smile each and everytime we see her. We have truly watched this young lady grow in this short time into an example of a what an F.L.Y. Girl is all about. Has she hit a few bumps along the way, yes, but more importantly, she has taken those bumps and turned them into teachable lessons. We love that she is slowing letting her guards down and showing the staff and mentors the young woman that we know she can be. She consistently has shown her determination to stay on the right track, academically and in her personal life, and we look forward to what's next for her! One of her favorite quotes is: "Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction" Congrats Kos!

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